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What is Magnetex© technology?
The technology used in Magnetex© products is based on research we've done on magnetics and vibration with experimentation using different existing machines and technology.

We've combined the best of the best and also added our own improvements/improvisations to maximize the speed of results and safety of use.

We are in the second phase of experimentation (the first was for safety) and do consider our equipment experimental. Saying that, please understand that we have had no adverse effects when the technology
is used as recommended. It is, however, very important that anyone using our technology read and understand about detox and how to avoid detox discomfort using adequate hydration and detox
supplements to move the released toxins out of the body quickly and painlessly.

As you'll notice, the published magnetic research that you can find is all on results of using ONE pole of stationary magnets. Our use of spinning both a unique pattern of positive and negative poles and adding vibration is unique in the Energy Medicine field. Our results have been both rapid and profound.

We are currently in the process of doing research with evaluation technology and the results will be posted on this website as they come in. Preliminary results are proving to show major improvements in before and after readings. The more testing we do, the more excited we get!

From one of our researchers:

"The first time I used this technology I intuitively knew that the energy was vortexing in a torus pattern.
I began research on a way to visually SEE the pattern of energy movement emitting from our Magnetex©
Classic. After several failures using different magnetic tests, I hit gold! As you can see from the video below,
it's exactly as I predicted. I'm sure this universal pattern of energy emission is one of the reasons for our profound results."

Video proof of the TubeTorus movement of Magnetex© energy
Understanding the TubeTorus
Excerpt from the Movie :
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